Payment Features

Because a one-size-fits-all payment method doesn’t work,
we integrate with your existing payment systems + offer optional smart and flexible payment solutions

Virtual Numbers

A unique card number for each vendor, purchase or event

Fully customizable: Single-use or Recurring / Budget Limits / Time Limits / Vendor Types

Ideal for online purchases

Great for subscription services: Pause or delete a card at any time, and stop paying for your past employees’ subscriptions!

'Smart' Corporate Cards

Physical cards that incorporate your spending policies with detailed controls for each employee

Great for Travel & Offsite expenses

Fully customizable: Single-use or Recurring / Spending Limits / Date & Time Limits / Vendor Types

Turn then On/Off instantly

Good'ol Checks & ACH

Integration with your traditional AP system to pay old fashioned vendors that only accept Checks & ACH

Switch to smart spend management

It’s easy to get started!

Install the free version!

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